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Diode Trainer

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    Strength Testing

    Now you can Do-It-Yourself (DIY) with the Zippy Diode balisong kit. Assemble this affordable balisong trainer yourself and be flipping in a matter of minutes. The Zippy Diode is made in the USA from high durability ASA plastic and weighted with Tungsten. It still features an easy, threadlocker-free tuning experience, but the pivot system runs on Phosphorous Bronze washers to keep assembly easy and the price low. At the price point, you won't find a better or more durable flipper.

    (1) Double-stacked washer pivots made of "self-lubricating" Bronze Phosphor. While not as high performance as the Zippy bearing system, this dual-washer system offers better tolerances and lower friction than some single-stack Bronze Phosphor, steel, or brass washer systems.

    (2) Threadlocker-free nylock hardware tuning system: Keeps the Diode lockup tight and can be retuned with only your fingernails.

    (3) Channel handle design with a pinsless blade stop mechanism.

    (4) Impressive durability among plastic balisongs: made entirely of ASA, the Diode is built to withstand brutal impacts without damaging your floors.

    (5) Arrives 50% assembled in a Kit, with all Tungsten weights pre-installed. Simply install the pivot screws, locknuts, and washers, lubricate, and you're ready to flip. If you do not have lubricant on hand to lubricate your Diode, it is recommended to purchase any type of knife-pivot lubricant. Lubricant is not strictly necessary for the function of the balisong, but it will enable a noticeably smoother handle swing and a tighter tune.

    (6) Optional handle caps can be added for $6 to add weight to the Diode and protect the handles from hard drops. The boots are virtually indestructible and are made from the same rubbery polyurethane as the bite markers. They are weighted with Tungsten that can be removed with only a paperclip, which provides adjustable balance configurations, weight, and protects the handles during drops. These boots are discounted 33% when purchased with the balisong and offer an inexpensive way to make the Diode heavier and have adjustable balance. Note that unlike the Cycloid and Zipper, the Diode does not have adjustable balance unless you use the optional handle caps.

    Extra bite markers can be purchased here.

    Extra handle caps can be purchased here.

    In order to reduce cost for the customer, the Diode is not covered under the Zippy Warranty. Replacement Diode parts can be purchased here.

    I'm a one-man operation making Diode's as fast as I can. While I typically ship out orders within a few days, please allow up to 10 days for me to manufacture and ship your Diode. Thank you for your patience and support.

    The Diode was designed as a super-budget option so that folks getting into the flipping hobby who can't afford an expensive trainer can at least get something better than a crappy Amazon CCC, which are made in overseas sweatshops. Instead, these bali's are made in the All-American Zippy sweatshop, where I'm the only one who suffers :P My loss is your gain...Enjoy the Diode!