About Zippy

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Pictured above is the first-ever colorway of the discontinued Cycloid v1.

I picked up my first balisong in 2006 and have loved flipping ever since. I'm a one-man shop located on the outskirts of Montgomery, Alabama, from where I design, prototype, manufacture, package, and ship all my products. I manufacture my parts using FDM and MJF 3D printing with engineering thermoplastics. My manufacturing techniques enable me seamlessly roll out design upgrades and manufacture certain complex geometries that would be unmachinable. I started out in this hobby like everyone else: a passionate balisong enthusiast cruising through Reddit (and before that, lurking on JD) and Instagram. My passion for being creative and building things eventually pushed me to start making my own balisong trainers and modifications, and I now spend my full-time job tinkering to make the best balisong trainers and mods I can think of.

You can find me on Instagram as @zippybalisong and on r/Balisong under the username u/FrogsAreOurFriends. The name comes from one of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, which I read voraciously growing up (I get asked this a lot).

I hope you enjoy your Zippy products as much as I do.