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Spacers and Blade Inserts for Squid Industries Hydro

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  • These Zippy spacers designed for the Squid Industries Hydro Balisong are made in-house from a rubbery, shatter-proof polyurethane. They add positive "sawtooth" jimping to the Hydro and are available as either full-length flush spacers for a more neutral balance, or handle extensions (with an adjustable tungsten weight system) to protect the handles from drops and increase momentum. A cosmetic blade insert is included.

    Click here for Extension Spacer assembly video

    Click here for Flush Spacer assembly video

    -Positive sawtooth jimping for extra grip on ladders and chokers.

    -Optional handle extensions increase handle length from 4.45 in to 4.625 in.

     -Deepens sound.

    -Cosmetic blade insert included.

    -Adjustable balance: Choose from:

    • "Light" flush spacers (0.029 oz each) for reduced handle bias compared to the stock spacers. Assembled weight: 3.895 oz.
    • "Baseline" flush spacers (0.042 oz each) weigh imperceptibly more than the stock spacers (0.039 oz), enabling the addition of sawtooth jimping and your color choices without affecting the balance. Assembled weight: 3.921 oz.
    • Handle extensions which feature 1x removable tungsten weight per spacer (0.048 oz each empty, or 0.071 oz each with weight). Assembled weight: 3.933 oz empty, or 3.975 oz with weights.