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Spacers for Arthur G./JK Design Goose

Extend your Goose, protect the handles, and add jimping.

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    Product Description

    Extend and protect your handles with these Zippy spacers, custom-made for the Goose balisong (designed by Arthur Goins and machined by JK Design). The spacers are made from a shatter-proof polyurethane and protect your handles from drops while adding length. The spacers also feature positive sawtooth jimping and adjustable balance.


    • Extends handles of the Goose balisong from 5.39" to 5.55".
    • Protect handles from drops with shatter-proof extensions.
    • Positive sawtooth jimping for extra grip on ladders and chokers.
    • Identical to stock balance with 1x tungsten weight installed in each spacer. Or, adjust the balance by removing the tungsten for reduced end-weight.
    • Handle inlay accents are included for free and weigh only 0.008 oz, having no impact to the balance.
    • Each spacer weighs 0.064 oz empty, or up to 0.085 oz with the tungsten weight installed (this provides for stock balance). For comparison, a stock Goose spacer weighs 0.147 oz. The Zippy spacers concentrate mass further from the pivots; the increased leverage enables them to reproduce the stock balance despite weighing less than the stock spacers. The Goose balisong weighs 3.99 oz with the Zippy Spacers (weights installed), compared to 4.11 oz stock.

    Recommended Balance Configuration

    For a balance profile nearly identical to the stock spacers, install the tungsten weigh into each spacer. For reduces handle bias, use the spacers without weights.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Super cool!

    Keeps the same great balance while making it lighter and longer for a really comfortable flipping experience.
    Jimping is a plus as well!