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LDY Orion Spacers & Tang Insert

Maximize your Orion's flipping performance with extension spacers.

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  • Assembly Instruction: Orion v1.5

    Assembly Instructions: Orion v1

    Product Description

    These Zippy spacers and tang inlays designed for the LDY Orion are made made from a shatter-proof polyurethane. The spacers extend the handles, feature jimping, and enable adjustable balance with up to 3x removable tungsten weights per spacer. This product includes cosmetic tang inserts in the same color selected for the spacers.


    • Extends handles of the LDY Orion from 5.50" to 5.71".
    • Matches stock jimping.
    • Shatter-proof extensions protect handles from hard drops.
    • Adjustable balance: The Zippy spacers have identical weight to the stock spacers when empty, but more handle bias can be added by installiing up to 3x tungsten weights per preference.
    • Includes cosmetic tang inlays in the same color selected for the spacers.
    • Each spacer weighs 0.068 oz empty, or up to 0.133 oz with the tungsten weight installeds. For comparison, a stock Orion spacer weighs 0.068 oz. With the Zippy spacers, the LDY Orion weighs 3.880 oz (empty), up to 4.009 oz with all 6x tungsten weighs. For comparison, the stock Orion v1 weighs 3.880 oz.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
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    Straight Flippin
    Amazing as always!

    I absolutely love this, it was pretty easy to install, I might've not done it the proper way but that's unimportant. They look amazing, the bali sounds wayy better imo. Overall flipping experience improved. I decided to go with 0 weights in because I liked the balance of the orion and I'm happy to report the the balance feels identical. The extra length of the handles makes flipping more comfortable as I found the corners of the orion to be scratchy but these cover thoes right up! The color is just as I expected, very deep and accurate to website pics. Overall 10/10 I would recommend especially if you wanna make your orion have a little more booty weight!
    (I forgot to mention it also came with two tang inserts just in case one gets dropped I assume which is a very nice touch)

    Blade Maid
    Can't go wrong with Zippy

    Fitment is perfect. Jimping aligns with the liner jimping plus a little overhang for added grip. I run the spacers with no weights in them and it makes the Orion perfectly neutral. The white spacers and tang insert really tie together the looks of my special edition Orion

    these things are like wow

    I have bought Zippy stuff before and it always a perfect fit and fit and finish are so good. Zippy has a youtube video to help install, Its awesome he does this, its a over and beyond moment we dont get often anymore. Everything went together perfect and looks great! I run mine with one weight in them and it feels perfect for my pref. I have huge chongus hands and this tiny bit more length made all the difference in the world. Thanks Zippy for another great product.

    Transforms the Orion

    The slight reduction in weight and additional length make the Orion feel completely new and way more comfortable as a flipper. Customizable weight options are always a plus.


    beautiful addition to the zippy spacer lineup. basically copy and paste for the rep extended ones, which is fine bc they're perfect as is. love the additional jimping and weight options, plus the amazing colors allowing for stunning color combinations. my boyfriend loves them lol. I sold my pink orion with teal zippy spacers anticipating my bf and I getting matching black filagree orions in their next drop and using these spacers in our favorite colorways. can't wait!