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JK Design Embargo Spacers

Improve your weight distribution, deepen your sound, and add jimping.

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    Product Description

    These Zippy spacers designed for the JK Design Embargo Balisong are made in-house from a shatter-proof polyurethane. They modify the weight distribution of the Embargo, deepen the sound, add positive "saw-tooth" jimping to the Embargo and include a tungsten weight system for adjustable balance.


    • Modified weight distribution for excellent balance, no matter which hole pattern you're running.
    • Deepens sound.
    • Positive sawtooth jimping for extra grip on ladders and chokers.
    • Adjustable balance: Each spacer houses 3x removable Tungsten weight to fine-tune the balance to your preference
    • The Zippy spacers can be popped out without removing pivot screws or the top slabs, enabling easier balance adjustment.
    • Embargo Tang Inlay sold separately.

    The Zippified Embargo (hole pattern variant) weighs 4,328 oz with Zippy spacers (and all 6x weights installed). Each Zippy spaceer weighs 0,066 oz empty, or up to 0.129 oz with 3x tungsten weights installed. For comparison, other Embargo spacers each weigh:

    • JK Micarta Spacers: 0.045 oz each, and up to 0.126 oz each with 4x weight pins.
    • JK G10 Spacers: 0.062 oz each, and up to 0.143 oz each with 4x weight pins.
    • JK PLA faux channel Spacers: 0.075 oz each, and up to 0.156 oz each with 4x weight pins.
    • Gold Dust Aluminum Spacers: 0.091 oz each, and up to 0.172 oz each with 4x weight pins.
    • JK Titanium Spacers: 0.147 oz each, and up to 0.228 oz each including 4x weight pins.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Best Spacers On The Market

    So I have tried every type of Embargo spacer I know to be available on the market. My favorite before these are the rock textured spacers from Julian directly. They felt, looked and sounded great. However, after throwing these in on a whim, I'm not going back to any other type of spacer. The weight system is awesome, the feel is awesome, the fact that they glow in the dark is awesome, they look incredible, offer much needed jimping and they SOUND AMAZING. It blew my mind how crazy the difference in sound was. The Ti spacers make a loyder ring and they sound sweet but after awhile it can be grating. These made the bali sound much more hollow and they have a lower sounding ring now vs the high pitched ring with the Ti spacers.

    I cannot recommend these highly enough. Buy the glow in the dark ones if you have kids! My kids love to watch me flip in the dark when I've got these lit up lol.

    Awesome company, product and owner. 10/10


    These spacers are AWESOME! The jimping hakes a huge difference and the weight system makes it super easy to dial in your perfect weight.

    Zippy Embargo Spacers

    the jimping on the spacers is done very well, super grippy but doesn't become rough after flipping for awhile. these also changed the sound of my bargo; made the pitch of the ring a little lower. they also somehow made my embargo become bouncier than it was before although, I'm not sure if its due to the extra handle weight or not because there's quite a lot of options when it comes to these spacers! I definitely recommend getting some of these if you own an embargo, you won't be disappointed.


    International shipping

    International Shipping

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    For EU customers, be advised that customs will apply a VAT fee of approximately 30€ for impor