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HOM Basilisk-R Spacers

Give your Bas-R a more neutral balance, jimping, and longer handles.

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  • Product Description

    These Zippy spacers designed for the HOM Basilisk-R are made in-house from a shatter-proof polyurethane. These spacers reduce the handle bias, add positive jimping, and are compatible with all Basilisk-R variants. The optional extensions lengthen, round, and protect the handles of the Basilisk-R. Customize the balance to your preference with an adjustable weight system.

    Assembly Instructions

    Remove the stock spacer sexbolts and spacers. Insert the Zippy spacers. If installing extensions, apply inward pressure so that the extension is pressed into the handles to ensure the sexbolt holes line up. Insert the sexbolts while continuing to apply inward pressure. Then, tighten the body screw till there is a medium resistance. Insert the stock spacer below the Zippy spacer and tighten the body screw until the handles catch upon the stock spacer; then remove the stock spacer from the channel. Do not overtighten the body screws, as this can narrow the channel.


    • Lighter weight spacers reduce handle bias for a more neutral balance.
    • Optionally extends handle length from 5.39" to 5.67".
    • Shatter-proof extensions protect your handles from hard drops.
    • Extensions round handles for a more comfortable ergonomic: say goodbye to sharp edges at the ends of the handles
    • Positive jimping for extra grip on ladders and chokers.
    • Adjustable balance: Each spacer houses removable Tungsten weights which enables you to find the perfect balance to suit your preference. The weights can be popped out with a thin, rigid metal object using the 2 slits at the base of the handle extensions, and can be popped in easily with the tip of a clicky pen. The full-length flush spacers each house up to 3x adjustable tungsten weights. Each G10 extension spacer houses up to 6x weights. The Titanium Ultralight Extensions do not house any weights.


    • Full-length Flush Spacer: Fits both Titanium and G10 Basilisk-R. Features adjustable weight but does not extend handles. Each weighs 0.046 oz empty or up to 0.109 oz with 3x weight.
    • G10/CF Extension Spacer: Extends handles of the Carbon Fiber and G10 Basilisk-R. Features adjustable weight. Each weighs 0.085 oz empty, or up to 0.213 oz with all 6x weights installed. These spacers are my preference for the Carbon Fiber and G10 Basilisk-R.
    • Ti Extension Spacer: Extends handles of the Titanium Basilisk-R. Does not have adjustable weight. Each spacer weighs 0.044 oz. These spacers are my preference for the Titanium Basilisk-R.