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EPS Wraith Spacers

Increase comfort, grip, and fine-tune the balance of your Wraith.

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    Product Description

    Modify the balance and ergo of your EPS Wraith Balisong with Zippy spacers, made in-house from a rubbery, shatter-proof polyurethane. They add positive "saw-tooth" jimping to the Wraith and include a tungsten weight system for adjustable balance. The spacers are available as either full-length flush spacers, or handle extensions which add length and protect the handles from drops.


    • Optional handle extensions increase handle length from 4.47 to 4.6" and improve comfort.
    • Positive sawtooth jimping for extra grip on ladders and choker fans
    • Deepens sound.
    • Handle inlays sold separately.
    • Adjustable balance: Each spacer houses up to 2x removable Tungsten weights to fine-tune the balance profile to your preference. Choose from:
    • Flush spacers (0.050 oz each empty, up to 0.092 oz) enabling the option to reduce the handle bias compared to the stock spacers. Assembled weight with inlays: 4.094 oz, up to 4.182 oz.
    • Handle extensions (0.058 oz each empty, up to 0.100 oz). Assembled weight with inlays: 4.110 oz empty, up to 4.198 oz. Provides more neutral balance empty, but using both weights provides a slightly more handle biased profile compared to the stock spacers.
    • For comparison, a stock Wraith spacer weighs 0.098 oz. Assembled weight: 4.170 oz.

    Customer Reviews

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    Erik Edin

    You need these on the wraith, trust me, the quality of life improvement is night and day


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    International Shipping

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    For EU customers, be advised that customs will apply a VAT fee of approximately 30€ for importing products that exceed 100€. This is subject to change depending on up-to-date EU regulations; it is the customer's responsibility to verify this at the time of your purchase.

    For questions and concerns (looking at you, Aussies), please contact me at If the Zippy is shipped in 2 packages, you will need to assemble the trainer following these instructions:

    Zipper Assembly

    Cycloid Assembly

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    **Some tips when calling USPS:
    (1) Do not use speakerphone, as this will confuse the automated system.
    (2) From the automated menu, say "Package," and follow the prompts with your tracking number.
    (3) When it offers "visual mode," I recommend you use it. It's faster and more streamlined.
    (4) At the end of the automated system which will track your (delayed) package, say "agent" or "representative" so you can speak to an agent and explain the issue.
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    Hopefully your package is just delayed (this has always been the case historically when a package appears lost), but if it is actually lost in the mail, I'm very sorry. Believe it or not, it's just as heartbreaking for me as it is for you, since I make every balisong myself and put a lot of love into each one. Unfortunately, I am unable to take responsibility for packages that get lost in the mail (or seized by customs). I offer a variety of shipping options which have different levels of pricing and reliability/risk, and it's up to you to choose what is best for you. I am unable to replace lost packages for free, since each product takes me a considerable amount of time and financial investment to make; I'm not a big Amazon company that manufactures their stuff overseas. Thank you for understanding.

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