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BRS Replicant Spacers

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These BRS Replicant spacers are made in-house from a rubbery, shatter-proof polyurethane. They extend and protect the handles of the Rep, add jimping, and enable adjustable balance with up to 6x removable tungsten weights per spacer. Because every Rep has it's own personality, the adjustable weights allow you to adapt your Rep to suit your specific balance preference, no matter what build you are running.

The spacers are offered as either handle extensions or full-length flush spacers.

Assembly Instructions: Remove the stock sexbolts and spacers. Insert the Zippy spacers. For extension spacers, apply inward pressure so that the extension is pressed into the handles to ensure the sexbolt holes line up. Insert the sexbolts while continuing to apply inward pressure. Then, tighten the body screws till there is a medium resistance. Do not overtighten the body screws— this can overcompress the spacer and narrow the channel, which could affect tolerances. If you have calipers you can measure the width at the pivot and just tighten/loosen the spacer screws till the channel width at the spacer matches the channel width at the pivots (~4.05 mm). You can also use the stock spacer as a guide to the thickness by wedging it in the channel below the Zippy spacer and tightening the handles until they press upon the stock spacer; then remove the stock spacer from the channel. 

-Optionally extends handle length from 5.5 in to 5.77 in (regular extensions), or to 5.65 in (half-length extensions for G10 scales).

-Extensions protects our handles: These spacers are made from a shatter-proof polyurethane which will absorb the shock of drops, so your rep doesn't have to.

-Flush spacers and stock G10 extensions have positive jimping for extra grip on ladders.

-Adjustable balance: Each spacer houses up to 6x removable Tungsten weights which enables you to find the perfect balance to suit your preference. The weights can be popped out with a thin, rigid metal object using the 2 slits at the base of the handle extensions, and can be popped in easily with just a pen. The full-length flush spacers and half-length extensions each house up to 3x removable tungsten weights--the flush spacers have similar balance to the stock spacers with all 3x weights installed.

-Each extension spacer for G10 scales weighs 0.94 oz empty, and up to 0.222 oz with all 6x weights installed. The half-length extensions for G10 scales weigh 0.071 oz empty, or up to 0.134 oz with all 3x weights installed. The other extension spacers weighs 0.08 oz empty, or up to 0.208 oz with all 6x tungsten weights installed. The full-length flush spacers each weigh 0.04 oz empty, or 0.106 oz with 3x weights (similar balance to stock spacers). For comparison, a stock rep spacer weighs 0.11 oz. 

 -The handle extensions were designed to fit flush with:

  • Standard G10 Stock Scales (v2 Extensions and Half-length extensions with jimping)
  • Hybrid Scales
  • JT Designed Replicant Scales (v2 Extensions with Jimping)
  • Squiggle Scales v1 & v2
  • The curvature of the extensions may not line up aesthetically perfectly with the rounding/thickness other scales.