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Benchmade 51 Spacers

Zippy Extensions add length, grip, adjustable balance, and protection.

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  • Product Description

    The spiritual cousin to Jimpy's discontinued Space Invaders, these Benchmade 51 spacers are made in-house from a rubbery, shatter-proof polyurethane. They extend and protect the handles of the BM 51, and enable adjustable balance with up to 2x removable tungsten weights per spacer. The adjustable weights allow you to adapt your BM 51 to suit your specific balance preference, no matter what scales or blade you are using.

    Assembly Instructions

    Remove the stock spacers and pins. Insert the Zippy spacers, and then use the stock spacers as a guide by wedging them into the channel below the Zippy spacer. Tighten the handles until they press upon the stock spacer, and then remove the stock spacer from the channel.


    • Extends handle length from 5.1" to 5.6".
    • Protects your handles from hard drops: Spacers are made from a shatter-proof polyurethane.
    • Adjustable balance: Each spacer houses up to 2x removable Tungsten weights which enable you to find the perfect balance to suit your preference.
    • Positive jimping for extra grip on ladders and chokers.
    • Each spacer weighs 0.090 oz empty, or up to 0.132 oz with 2x tungsten weights installed. For comparison, a stock Benchmade 51 spacer weighs 0.111 oz. With stock scales, Zippy spacers let the BM51 weigh 3.173 oz (empty) up to 3.258 oz (with all 4x weights).

    Recommended Balance Configurations

    If you wish to use these spacers with the pocket clip, I recommend you counterweight the safe handle spacer with both Tungsten weights to compensate balance for the additional weight of the clip.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Baylee Smith
    You have to give it a try

    The zippy benchmade 51 spacers are amazing. I always wanted to fully customize my BM51.Ever since I bought my 51 years ago I wanted to get flytanium v4 scales and I eventually was able to purchase them. When I put the scales on it became to handle heavy for my preference. So I bought these spacers and with the weights out they are perfect for me light handle bias with the v4 scales and the extra length makes flipping even better. 10 out of 10 would recommend.


    Look great! I like the material! Haven’t used them cuz my parts for my bm 51 are getting modded but I bet they will work wonders.

    Jack Donahue
    My 51 is now a flipper!

    The 51 was a grail for me but wasn’t my favorite to flip. It was to light. With the loss of the latch and clip it doesn’t seem much heavier but now it’s more balanced. With both weights in it feels amazing with the weight at the handle ends. That plus the jimping has greatly improved my 51’s status in my collection. Don’t hesitate

    Kyle M
    Where have these been all my life?

    If you are anything like me then you love Benchmade and Balisongs. More likely than not the 51 was your favorite flipper at one point, but as your collection grew your 51 just didnt have the weight or length you were looking for and was set aside to gather dust.

    Well dust that bad boy off and get yourself a set these babies to give your 51 a whole new life. These spacers make it feel like a completely different knife and give you everything that was lacking from the stock 51. Plus they add some serious style points. 10/10 would recommend.


    The 51 is short so the extra length was fantastic and the weight system is a godsent!


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    International Shipping

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    For EU customers, be advised that customs will apply a VAT fee of approximately 30€ for importing products that exceed 100€. This is subject to change depending on up-to-date EU regulations; it is the customer's responsibility to verify this at the time of your purchase.

    For questions and concerns (looking at you, Aussies), please contact me at If the Zippy is shipped in 2 packages, you will need to assemble the trainer following these instructions:

    Zipper Assembly

    Cycloid Assembly

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    **Some tips when calling USPS:
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    Warranty & Returns


    If part of the Zippy breaks within 1 year of purchase and it affects functionality, I will replace it for free. Contact me at

    In order to qualify for this policy, the issue must affect the function of the balisong. Normal wear and tear (including scratches and dings caused by repeated impact) is not covered by this warranty unless it affects the functionality of the balisong or I determine it to be the result of a manufacturing defect. In order to reduce cost for the customer, the Diode is not covered under the Zippy Warranty.

    Worn M2 x 0.4mm nylock nuts are consumables and should be replaced from time to time if you disassemble frequently--these are not covered by the warranty.

    Returns & Order Cancellation

    I do not accept returns or refunds. All orders are final. Packages that are delayed or lost in the mail are not my responsibility. Many of my products are made-to-order and by the time you contact me to cancel, I may have already begun working on your parts. I am a one-man operation and returns are far too time consuming and costly to deal with. I appreciate you supporting my small business.


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    Zippers, Cycloids, and Diode's are not real knives. These products are balisong trainers, not real knives. The blades are made of plastic, weighted with tungsten. This is not a weapon or a cutting tool and is used for recreation and training only. It is the customer's responsibility to comply with all international, federal, and local laws and regulations when importing and using these products.

    You agree to not copy, modify, creative derivate works of, or reverse engineer, in whole, or in part, for any purpose: Zippy's website, products, and intellectual property, including concepts, prototypes, all products, designs, text, and photographs.

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