Update 9: Zipper is Done. Merry Xmas!!

Update 9: Zipper is Done. Merry Xmas!!

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Good morning everyone,

I'll cut to the chase: The Zipper is done and ready to be flipped by the community.

First and foremost, many thanks to my testers, whose invaluable feedback drastically shaped the Zipper's design. Their contribution cannot be overstated: each of them brought something unique to the table and I'm grateful for having each of them aboard the Zipper project:

u/Apprehensive-Ask-142 ( u/balithong )

u/Celestial_Balisongs ( u/celestial_balisongs )

u/TheRealHonestjosh ( u/joshuakingma_ )


First drop will be scheduled for early February. I'm planning to drop around 25-30 Zippers and will send out more info leading up to the drop.

Price has been narrowed down to the $100-110 range, with custom color combos available for an extra fee.

Merry Christmas!





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