Update 8: Almost There

Update 8: Almost There

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Hey everyone,

Great news: a number of improvements have been made since my last update. The Zipper is definitely nearing the finish line, and there's a lot to be excited for, including my brand new Instagram: @zippybalisong

Here's what's new:

(1) The Zipper now uses dual hardened race washers (instead of just 1), which sets it apart from the majority of other bearing balisongs which use 1 or none. The grooves act as axial races which contain the bearings, and adds an increased level of precision to the pivots. Critically, it also prevents the bearings from wearing a groove into an unhardened washer, which causes other bearing balisongs to loosen up over time as the washer groove grows deeper.

(2) The magnetic vibration dampening system set in the base of the handles was reworked to improve balance customization and handle strength. The different balance configurations are labeled A-F in the images above.

(3) Jimping was added to the base of the handles to improve grip during ladders.

(4) Handles thinned to 0.49 inches thick for increased comfort during fans.

That's all for now...

Stay tuned (pun intended)

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