Introducing the Zippy Cycloid...

Introducing the Zippy Cycloid...

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Cycloid Drop - $69: This Saturday, 16 April 11:00am PST at

Since the introduction of the Zipper, I’ve received a lot of love from you guys, but also a ton of community feedback on affordability. As someone who carefully budgets my own spending on avocado toast and robot-vacuum replacement filters, I took your comments to heart. Consequently, I’ve been working hard with my beta testers for the past several months to develop a balisong trainer that is more accessible, while still retaining the performance and build quality that you in the community expect.

Today, I’m very excited to announce the Zippy Cycloid, an affordable balisong trainer that still features the high-performance Zippy bearing/race washer pivot system. Clocking in at $69, now everyone can get a taste of Zippy engineering, avocados be damned.

Special thanks to the beta testers; without their critical and insightful feedback, the Cycloid project would not have been possible:

u/Apprehensive-Ask-142 (@balithong)

Flippin Zhenqi (YT) (@flippinzhenqi & u/flippinzhenqi)

@ shrimp_flips ( u/hehethatfunny )

The first Cycloid drop ($69) will be this Saturday, 16 April 11:00am PST on Unlike Zippers, Cycloids will not feature custom color combinations or numbered production. Each drop will feature one rotating color scheme, but drops will be more frequent. There will be some interruptions as I gear up for a move in late May, but I’m shooting for a Cycloid drop every 2-3 weeks or so. There *will* be a formal review of the Cycloid uploaded to Youtube on the day of the drop, so if you’re looking to hear what someone that isn’t me, my mom, or my wife, thinks about it, keep your ear to the ground (but if you were wondering, Cycloid got the stamp of approval from both my wife and mom; pretty impressive).

Other details:

(1) Hybrid chanwich handle design with integral zen block.

(2) Semi-adaptive-tuning nylock hardware system running on caged bearings: Keeps the Cycloid tuned and wobble-free without threadlocker, and can be re-tuned with only your fingernails.

(3) Zen Block vibration dissipation: Spreads force of blade closure on an integral 2-piece zen block (as opposed to a narrow zen pin) which reduces vibrations acting on the bali, ensuring the hardware stays tight longer.

(4) Adjustable balance: Choose between 2x difference balance profiles by adding or removing tungsten weights in the base of the handles. The Cycloid balance can be adjusted to be either slightly handle biased or slightly blade biased.

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