Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement Summary

  • The rental period begins the day after delivery. Within 10 days following delivery, the renter will package up all components included with the rental unit and mail back with the included pre-paid shipping label.
  • Check your email for Rental Return reminders. Return shipments made after the rental period has ended will incur late fees.
  • Don’t flip rental units over concrete, sidewalks, or asphalt.
  • Don’t disassemble the rental units in any way, or loosen pivot hardware. You may not swap out any components not included with the rental units with one exception: you may swap in and out official Zippy blade inserts and handle inlays following the assembly videos on the website:
  • The rental units come lubricated; please consult the approved lubricant list below if you wish to add additional lubricant.
  • You may not mail the rental units to any other entities except Zippy Balisong LLC.
  • A security deposit will be held as a pending hold on the renter’s payment method, which will automatically be returned 45 days after the order was placed. The security deposit will be forfeited by the renter in whole or part in instances of fraud, excessive damage, disassembly, component swapping (e.g., trying your own spacers or swapping clone/counterfeit parts), late returns, or if the rental unit is not received back.
  • Have fun and flip safely!

Full Rental Agreement 

Rental Schedule

The rental period as selected is 10 days. The rental period starts the day after the postal carrier marks the rental unit delivered. The rental period ends on the 10th day*, and the rental unit must be mailed back that day with all included components. For example, if the order is placed on 7 March, and delivered on 12 March, the rental period begins on 13 March. Then, the package must be mailed back on 22 March.

*The exception to this is if the final rental day falls on a Sunday or any Federal Holiday in which USPS is not operating, in which case the rental unit shall be mailed on the next business day. You may mail back the rental unit anytime within the rental period.

To mail back the rental unit, package up all equipment and components in the provided container, place them in the pre-paid shipping envelope, and either place in your mailbox with the flag up, or drop off at your local USPS.  All containers, pouches, mods, parts, and other components that shipped with the rental unit must be returned back with the rental unit.

Late Fees

For each day following the end of the rental period that the rental unit has not been shipped back to Zippy and has not scanned by the shipping carrier, a late fee will be deducted from the security deposit. The late fee is calculated by [Total Rental Fee] x 0.15 per day. For example, a $20 rental unit will incur $3 per day (20 x 0.15) in which it is overdue to be shipped back.

Security Deposit

Upon renting any Zippy rental unit, a security deposit “hold” will be applied to the customer’s payment method for 45 days. This acts as a “pending transaction” or “credit card hold” and will not be charged or appear on your credit card or bank statement unless the terms of the rental agreement are violated. The Security Deposit will be returned automatically after 45 days following inspection by Zippy Balisong LLC. Instances that will cause partial or full forfeiture of the security deposit include:

  • Rental unit is not returned.
  • Late fees need to be deducted.
  • Components from the rental unit have been removed/replaced.
  • Damage to the rental unit exceeds normal wear and tear from use over soft surfaces.
  • Rental unit has been marked shipped after the rental period but the package arrives empty (it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the return package is securely enclosed so that no components fall out during shipping).
  • The customer attempts to cancel the credit card or payment method during the rental period.

The value of the security deposit varies between rental units and is based on the market value of replacing the rental unit, plus transaction fees and a restocking fee. 

Zippy Mod Removal

Renters are welcome to temporarily remove any Zippy blade inserts if they wish to try the balance in different configurations. If you wish to re-install the blade inserts during your rental period, customers must follow the assembly videos linked in the product description of each mod on the website (

Swapping Components

You may not remove the spacers, handles, blade, pivot system (including bushings, washers, and bearings) that came installed on the rental unit. You may not install other spacers, scales, liners, blades, pivot hardware, or any other components that are in your possession that were not included with the rental unit, with the exception of Zippy Blade inserts and Zippy Handle Inlays. You may not tighten or loosen any spacer screws or any hardware on the rental unit with the exception of the pivot hardware, as described below.

A Special Note on Clone Parts

You may not swap out any components on the rental units in your possession, including with any components from clone/counterfeit balisongs. Zippy rental units are inspected thoroughly before and after the rental period. Swapping any components of the rental unit with clone/counterfeit parts will lead to the forfeiture of the customer’s security deposit.

Pivot Hardware

You may not loosen the pivot hardware of the rental unit. All pivot hardware is inspected prior to the rental period for adequate tightness: you likely will not need to, but you may tighten the pivot hardware (slowly but firmly) with a quality torx bit if you find that the pivot hardware has loosened.

Modification and sharpening

No aftermarket or custom modifications are allowed to the rental unit, with the exception of official Zippy mods. No sharpening or regrinding is permitted on the blade.

Approved Lubricants

All rental units ship with fresh lubricant. If you wish to add additional lubricant, you may use the following lubricants/oils during the rental period: Nano-Oil, KPL, SuperLube, Reel Oil, Mineral Oil. If you have a lubricant you would like to use that is not on this list, because contact me via email or instagram @zippybalisong prior to lubricating your rental unit.

Approved Flipping Surfaces

Rental units are not permitted to be flipped over concrete, tile, sidewalks, asphalt, hardwood or any other similarly hard/abrasive surfaces. Rental units may be flipped over soft surfaces including carpet, grass, foam mats, mattresses, and any cushioned surfaces including couches. Zippy Balisong LLC is not liable for any damage caused by drops to your flipping surface. Please treat the rental units kindly so that future renters can enjoy them!

Excessive Damage

Normal wear and tear from flipping and drops on soft surfaces is permitted (e.g., not on concrete). If excessive damage is observed to be present on the balisong that indicates the balisong was disassembled, flipped over concrete, or intentionally damaged, the renter’s security deposit will be forfeited.

Sharing and Passarounds

The rental unit may not be shipped via mail carrier at any time, including to other persons at other addresses. It may not be included in passarounds that require shipping via mail carriers.

Safe Use

Per this rental agreement, you agree to abide by  the Zippy Balisong LLC disclaimer on terms for safe use, which can be found here: